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About Haven Day Centre

Who We Are:

Haven Day Centre (legally named DCF Premier Workshops) provides a stimulating environment, offering various activities, and day-care or assistance, to adults with restricted mobility, sensory impairment, or who have learning support needs.

What We Do:

We encourage our members to focus on their abilities and to undertake work and activities that is fulfilling and interesting to each individual. This helps each person to keep active, socially engaged and mobile. We feel it is important to challenge assumptions about disability and demonstrate what is possible.

Through our activities and occasional outings, we try to ensure that our members have the same opportunities as everyone else, enjoying social interaction, having new experiences and challenges. We never set limits on any person's individual potential. 

We work with our members to develop existing skills and gain new ones that empower their independence and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem whilst at Haven Day Centre and outside of Haven Day Centre in the community. 

Some of the activities we do are; 

-Crafts, this encourages fine motor skills, allows members to express thier creativity and calms and soothes members.

-Computer work, this meets some members intellectual needs and can relax some individuals when listening to music or watching videos.

-Contracts work, this gives our members a feeling self-worth having a job that they can do with a purpose, we do contracts work for Tim Tiley, Tim Tiley LTD is a family run Christian print and gift wholesales also based in Bristol.

-Music, music relaxes many individuals and also stimulates the mind, triggering memories from a different time in their life. During music sessions we also dance encouraging excercise and promoting healthy activies.

As well as many other activites, we are always keen to try new things too! 

Our Vision and Values:

We aim to provide quality care in an environment that is clean, comfortable and safe. Our values include; equality, inclusion, respect, compassion, empowerment, excellence, independence, confidentiality, innovation, choice, rights and spirituality. We work with respect, privacy, dignity, and in partnership. Being creative, kind, fun, proactive, friendly and caring, is also very important to us too! We are Haven Day Centre!

Join us:

Would you like to join us? Volunteering with Haven Day Centre is about making a positive difference to vulnerable adults in your community, assisting them, alongside our friendly staff, to have a fulfilling day.

Have you got any skills that you can bring to us such as, playing an instrument, baking cakes, crafts, gardening, computer skills, or something else? Or would you like to just keep someone company over a cup of tea or coffee and bring some extra cheer to their day?

It doesn’t take a lot of time, we are very flexible and grateful for all the time our volunteers are able to commit. Some volunteers volunteer for a fixed term e.g. 2 weeks, this is particularly popular with students wanting to gain experience for College or University during their time off. Other volunteers volunteer once or twice a week on a weekly basis and others come in every other week. We have lots of long term and short-term volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering with us looks great on your CV. Employers, colleges, and universities are always impressed to see how you are actively involved in your community. We will be more than happy to write you an honest reference if you should need one.

Whilst volunteering with us we hope that you can gain new skills, develop existing skills, and increase your confidence. You will get to see how we work as a charity, see the partnerships we have with other organisations in care, and be part of new and exciting experiences as we continue to develop and meet the changing needs of our members.

Whether this is something you may have done before or something completely new to you, we welcome all and look forward to hearing from you if you think you may be interested in volunteering with us!

Please contact Lisa Perkins (Volunteer Coordinator) on 01179 851188 or email us at lisa.perkins@dcfpw.org.uk


Back To The Start

We were founded in 1985, when initially we were ‘open’ for two days a week. This was held in St Luke’s Church Hall in Barton Hill. We were, at the time, known as 'The Disabled Christians’ Fellowship Centre', or 'The DCF Centre' when abbreviated.

Our Founder

In 1985 Janet Wiltshire, following being prompted by God, while she was general secretary of the charity Disabled Christians Fellowship, started providing day care with activities for people with various disabilities. This was for two days a week in term time, at St Luke's Church Hall in Barton Hill.

Moving Into Our Own Building

When, in 1990, we moved into our own premises in Wick Road, Brislington, we then operated for five days a week, and in 1996 became a charity in our own right with a new name – The DCF Premier Workshops – in case we should expand and set up other workshops elsewhere.

Up To Now

We are now known as Haven Day Centre (DCF Premier Workshops legally). In 2006 we moved to Filwood Park, in Knowle West, a bulding with fantastic facilities and a great garden including sensory plants such as herbs and bamboo, a pond with a range of wildlife, fruit bearing trees and bushes and vegetables patches. This is where we are based today.

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Simon David - Manager

"We seek to help our members to realise their aspirations and support them to achieve tasks that will stimulate and interest them. Each day we provide a caring, warm, safe and socially stimulating environment, where we cater to each individual’s needs."

Some Of The Staff

Together with our members, we hope to discover the things that they can and enjoy doing, as well as the talents they have, and to encourage and enable them to be successful at these. Also to give them opportunities to pursue new interests and activities that they desire to try and that will benefit them.


Our staff as pictured are (from left to right):

Back --- Lisa, Philbert, Alex, Juliet, Simon

Front ---Charlotte, Jackie, Denise, Simon


Not pictured, Angela and Alex DM.





Graham Hoyle (Chairperson)

Paul Ford (Vice Chair)

Neil Mobbs

Rita Thomas

Sheila Colebrook

Philip Wright

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