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M Shed

Paul and Peter had a lovely day reminissing in Bristols past, and thinking about the present Bristol as we know it today! Here Paul and Peter are stood by an old fire truck! It was a brilliant day with lots to see, do and learn about!

Frogs Tank!

Charlotte and Paul worked hard to create a new frog tank for our tadpoles! They wont be moving in until after Easter break but it looks like a great home for frogs!

Sports Relief week

Sports Relief 2018 is celebrated 17th-23rd March. Showing our support we took part in some different sporty activities and games including a relay race, javelin using a paper plane instead of a real javelin and egg and spoon races! We all had a great time! Chris is pictured here in the balloon race where the balloon cannot touch the floor, he done an excellent job!

Season Tree

Despite the tempreture drop and it feeling like bitter winter it is officially the first day of spring 2018 today (20th March 2018). One of the students who come in for work experience worked with Clifford and added some buds to our season tree and some growing daffodils at the trunk. Its coming along well! Watch this space for more developments as the year progresses!

Recording Music

Clark here is making a song! With the help of Jamie and Simon, Clark is recording different tunes on the keyboard to be layered up and stitched together. We can't wait to hear the finished product!

Inside Snow

For those who didnt want to venture outside in the cold, or those who were worried about falling down, we bought the snow to them! We filled some bowls with snow so that they could have some sensory play with it and use their imagiation to build a snowman or draw patterns in it! It was great fun!

Eileen the Snowman

Wow! what a wonderful day we had in the snow! We built a snowman who we named Eileen! As the day went on and warmed up Eileen became Eileen Over! Haha! It was hard work building Eileen but we all rewarded oursleves with a hot drink and biscuit after! 

Watching Frog Spawn Grow

We noticed frog spawn in the pond, there is lots and lots of it! We collected some from the pond so we can watch it grow again as last year was such a success. Rob here has taken a keen interest to watching them grow, being indoors in the warm they have grown so quickly and are now quite large tadpoles. Rob is looking forward to them turning into frogs!!

Celebrating Friends Meal

We had a lovely meal cooked by Jackie with our theme as Celebrating Friends! We decorated the tables with runners coloured by Roger (James Bond, 007 as he likes to be knowm, pictured) we drew pictures of frineds and wrote lots of words that are associated with friendship, for example, happiness, kindness, smiles, memories. We also made some paper flowers and had battery operated candles. It really was a lovely meal celebrating all our friends at Haven Day Centre!

Life Skills at the Create Centre Bristol

Here David opened the bedroom door to a 'fire' in the other room complete with flashing orangey red lights and sound effects. We spoke about what to do if this happened in their home. David and everyone else who went to Life Skills now know that they should close the door, place a blanket (or similar) at the bottom of the door to stop smoke coming into the room they are in. Stay low if any smoke has seeped in and try to get out safely without collecting any personal items. If they cannot get out, they should go to a window and shout for help and call 999 asking for the firebrigade. We also discussed the importance of fire alarms and testing them so that if a fire broke out we would have an earlier warning.

Life Skills at the Create Centre Bristol

Here you can see Paul crossing the road safely on this realistic road with real cars and a real fully functioning pedestrian crossing. Paul and others learned about how to to stay safe for example by making yourself seen when out by wearing bright colours and a high visability jacket, by using the crossings available, not crossing between vehicles and staying vigilant at all times! 

Life Skills at the Create Centre Bristol

We have been very excited to go on the first trip of the year! We visited the Create centre where Life Skills are based and had a great day! Life skills provide realistic sets where people can learn and practice independent living skills. In the picture you can see Roger (007 James Bond, as he likes to be called) practicing CPR. He done a fantastic job! 

Some of the other  many skills we learnt about and practiced included crossing the road safely, how to prevent fires in the home and what to do if a fire should occur at home or out and about and looking for healthier food/drink choices when shopping and checking the dates of foods.

Pauls Birthday

All year round Paul has been very excited for his birthday, right from the day after his last birthday! He loves to celebrate with a custard pie in the face and this year lots of people joined in! Paul, Charlotte (staff) and Alex (Staff) got custard pied in the face and Tina threw the Pies! Denise, David and a few others 'accidently' got splashed too! Nicky was ever so worried about his friend Alex who had been custard pied and helped tidy up! No sooner had the custard pies been thrown and cleaned up Paul was already getting excited for next years Birthday and next years custard pies!

Valentines Day

In preparation for Valentines day we are making, colouring, sticking and decorating, hearts, bows and arrows, flowers and many other Valentines day themes pictures! Jo is working on a bunch of daffodils!

First Aid

Every month we have a duty to check the date, contents and stock of the first aid kits we use. Some of our members really enjo helping us check all this and count the amount of items and check the dates helping us to stock it appropriatly. Jamie has really taken this task on board and looks forward to doing every month with Charlotte or Denise. He is very efficient and does a brilliant job. Jo enjoys helping with this too. 


Nicky here loves baking, every week he looks forward to baking a different treat. Nicky has been working hard and made some lovely jam cupcakes! 

Members Committee

We held a Members Committee meeting to discuss what our members enjoyed or disliked from 2017, and what they would like to see in 2018 here at Haven Day Centre. We recieved some great feedback, Chris (Pictured) said "I really enjoy coming to see my Girlfriend." Roger said "I was a sheep, BAA" referring to the Christmas Nativity. This year (2018), our members would like to see more trips. Watch this space as we have quite a few exciting trips in the pipeline, our first on on 15th February to the Lifeskills at the Create Centre!

New Work

We have managed to land some new work in the contracts room for our members. They are now assembling bolts, washer and nuts ready to be used. The members are enjoying the new work and the assembing of the items are really good for maintaining the members fine motor skills. 

Season Tree

Clifford worked with a student to make some bark for our Season Tree. Clifford done an amazing job, it looks like we have a real tree in the hall! The bark is a range of shades and textures and the picture to the right doesnt do the tree justice! The aim of the Season Tree is to start off with a bare winter tree as it is now and then as the seasons go by the tree will change too, an ongoing project throughout the year. As spring lands on us we will add small buds to represent the begining growth of leaves and plants and even have some flowers growing up from the ground, we aim to put a nest in the tree to represent the birth of baby animals in spring. As summer comes along we will be putting full leaves on the tree and some fruit, flower heads on the plants in the ground and some other animals may make an appearance, we were thinking a cat as so many cats come to visit us all year round! As Autumn arrives we will be replacing the green leaves with orange, yellow and brown leaves and the leaves will begin to fall off onto the 'floor'. As december arrives the tree will be bare but we are planning to dress it up with a Robin for Christmas and some lights.  We are all excited for this project! Watch this space as the year goes on to see our tree developing and changing!

Welcome 2018

What a busy start to the year we've had.  Students have been coming in from St Brendans Sixth Form College for Work Experience as part of their Health and Social Care course. The students have been fantastic so far and kept everyone busy, they've been knitting, making cards, baking, sewing, doing puzzles, washing up, working in the contacts room and so much more with our members. Our members love getting to know the students, introducing themselves to the students and working with the students.

Christmas meal out

Another Christmas dinner at the Withywood Centre, Alex, Stephen and Elizabeth enjoying their lunch, they polished off those plates! Yum Yum! 

Christmas meal out

we were very lucky and got to enjoy two Christmas meals at the Withywood Centre! Everyone had a delicious lunch and we were all so full afterwards. A big thanks to everyone at the Withywood Centre for our lovely Christmas dinner!

Christmas Party

Alex and Peter enjoying the Christmas music, thumbs up and big smiles for a fun celebration! We all seemed to enjoy the day as much as these two friends!

Christmas play

Roger and Paul played the parts of the sheep in our reinactment of the nativity story! Jo was Mary, Clifford was Joseph and Chris was an Angel! The costumes were amazing, thanks Lisa for making those! Great work everyone!

All things Christmas

Alex and Frank here relaxing, enjoying the festivities at our Christmas part playing board games, I wonder who won this game!

All things Christmas

Roger had his face painted like a Rudolph the rednosed reindeer at our Christmas party!

Sparkle and Snowflake at the Garden Centre


We were very lucky to be able to meet some of Santas real life reindeers this year, they were called Sparkle and Snowflake. They were so friendly!

Garden Centre


Here is another snap of us all at the Garden Centre, say 'Merry Christmas' everyone!

Garden Centre


Small groups visited whitehall garden centre this Christmas to look around at the Christmas displays and get some Christmas shopping. Here is a wicked snap of Lorraine, Angela, Brian and Denise trying on some cool Christmas specs! 

Musical Creations 


Clark is enjoying playing the keybord this afternoon, it has been lovely listening to his musical creations!



We are honoured and very lucky to have Liam Roberts running the Cheltenam Half Marathon with 2 friends, Chris Smith and Joe Ballinger. They are all running the Half Marathon for their chosen charities, Liam is running to raise money for all of us here at Haven Day Cantre in memory of Barbara, his Auntie. Barbara was a much loved character where ever she went, she always had a smile on her face and we are so pleased that we were able to contribute to being one of the reasons why Barbras smile was always so bright. We want to give a huge thanks to Liam and his friends for their amazing act of kindness. The race date is Sunday 1st October and we are overwhelmed following Liams fundraising page, should you wish to share Liams story, donate or leave an encouraging comment to cheer Liam and his friends on please follow the link 

Again many thanks to Liam and his friends and everyone who is taking part to raise money for charities. 


Here we can see a few members enjoying singing! They take it in turns to pick out songs from the hymn books, their voices are full of energy and enthusiasm, its great! 

Busy busy busy!

David has been working hard, he's on his 5th jigsaw! As soon as he finishes one he wants to crack on and start another! He certainly likes to keep himself busy!


This is how our vegetable patch looks once the lloyds bank team finished, it looks great! We cant wait until next year to grow lots of vegetabes in each of the corners, it will be so much easier now for everyone! Thank You!

Peter working hard

Peter has been doing an excellent job packing lots of cards, he takes great pride in his work!

Up-cycled pallets turned into fence!

These guys really had a challenge, they have done an excellent job making this fence from old pallets! Thanks guys!! 

The hard work was worth it!

Everyone got stuck in all the different gardening tasks, here this gentleman is cutting back the bushes so that they can make a new fence!

The hard work was worth it!

All the hard work was worth it, look how beautiful the garden is now! Clean, sharp, tidy, and weed free, a great space to relax in!

We couldnt find you...  

A fantastic job has been done in our garden weeding, there was a lot of it to do! Llyods Bank got stuck in, we nearly couldnt find some of llyods bank hiding in the bushes doing yet again a fantastic job!

Computer Whizz  

Jamie has been busy on the computer! He is a computer whizz! Maybe he can teach me a few computer tricks! 

Our 'new' kitchen  

The Lloyds bank crew have been so busy! Thank you for all your hard work! Its Ace!

Our 'new' kitchen  

Lloyds bank have been back again! Today they have been painting our kitchen, we've gone for blue walls and grey tiles, its looks brilliant and has a new lease of life! Thank you!

Artistic Creations 

Edith here has been keeping herself busy on the rainy days we have had lately. Edith has made lots of colourful pictures by scrunching up tissue paper and sticking it down, her artisitc creations brighten up the place!

Lloyds Bank have been back!

On the same day these hard working chaps began laying patio slabs to make our vegetable patch in our garden more accessibe for those who are less mobile. Thank you guys! These guys even worked through the rain!

Lloyds Bank have been back!

What a fantastic start! We cannot thank enough all the Lloyds Bank volunteers for all the hard work that they have put into the garden. This group of lovely ladies began weeding and rebarking the ground. Great start, Thank you!

Washing the tables
Ruth has been working hard, first Ruth baked some chocolte chip fairy cakes and then Ruth helped us tiidy up and wash the tables, she's done a fabulous job! thank you Ruth!
Not the sport, the Vegetable! Another great spot in our garden! we have some healthy looking squash plants in our garden! Yum Yum! 
Look! We spotted a frog in our pond, he looks pretty big! Maybe he is one of the frogs we hatched from the frog spawn we fished out at the begining of the year! Great news, we want to encourage more wildlife in our garden! 
Summer BBQ
Another snap of our summer BBQ,the live entertainment. Thank you to everyone involved in making this day so much fun!
Summer BBQ
Olive here smiling away for the camera at our summer BBQ, Olive said she really enjoyed the scones after the other BBQ food! What a celebration!
Group Photo
Cheeeeeese! We all posed on the front deck of the boat in the sun, the views were beautiful and we all had another lovely day!
Great work Nicky!
Nicky done a great job steering the boat on another Willow Trust Boat Trip, we didnt crash into the bank, Nicky steered us in a straight line! 
Relaxing on the train
After looking around the station and eating our lunch we all enjoyed the beautiful views from the train. 
Train Trip
Another train trip at Bitton, the sun was lovely and Peter really enjoyed his ice cream, it was lovely to hear Peter talk about his train sets he has and that he was a member of Avon Railway too!
Another wonderful Willow Trust Boat Trip
This year we took small groups of members on the Willow Trust Boat Trip instead of us all going at once. Our members had lovely days socialising with other groups of adults with disabilities from lots of different places. Thanks for another year of brilliant boat trips Willow Trust!
Fabric Painting
Steve here has been busy trying a new craft, fabric painting. Steve painted a lovely pillow case which he gave to someone he lives with for his birthday, what a lovely gesture! 
Mobile shop
Its great that Tina and others have been getting involved in our mobile shop. We encourage different members to take the shop round, serve other members, handle money, giving back change and entering it in to the till. Good work everyone!
Visit to the Zoo (Summer 2017)
A group of us had a lovely day at the zoo! In the picture we are in the gorrilla enclosure. It was amazing, there was a glass ceiling and we could see the gorrillas  walking above us. We even seen a baby gorrilla holding on to its mothers back! 
A big thanks to Lloyds bank (Summer 2017)
We want to give a big thanks to Lloyds bank who have again come to visit us and help us maintain ur wondeful garden! Everyone worked so hard and the results are fantastic! THANK YOU to everyone involved, we all really appreciate it!

Train trip! (Summer 2017)
We have been very lucky and have been on some fabulous new outings this year, including going to Bitton for a ride on the train. We had singing, dancing and icecream on the carraige followed by a packed lunch. In total we visited 3 times this year, everyone who went seemed to love it, we shall hopefully be visiting again next year!

Home skills 
Stephen has really embraced doing the washing, every morning when he's in, he comes to find a member of staff and asks to put the washing on! He's become an expert! Thanks Stephen!


Home skills 
We have been encouraging different members to try washing up and take part in different activities that develop and maintian important skills to increase their indepencence at home. Lorraine has gotten stuck in with the washing up and thoroughly enjoys it! Great work Lorraine and everyone else who has been giving it a go!


Polly Parrot: January 2017
It has been great to see everyone in the new year, we couldnt wait to get stuck into lots of crafts, Paul has done a marvellous job making this parrot! The colours bring the parrot to life, squaaaawk squaaawk! Polly parrot Polly parrot! 
Good job Paul! 


Christmas Dinner 2016
Jackie and Denise cooked Christmas dinner here at Haven, twice, it was hard work but worth it as it was delicious! Thank you Jackie and Denise and everyone who pitched in, and not just with their fork to pinch the last extra pig in blanket!! 


St Brendans Christmas Party: December 2016
We were invited to St Brendans for their Christmas party where the students looked after us with some tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake and some beautiful singing and some great dance routines. Ruth and Tina really loved dancing and singing to the festive music!


Christmas Shopping: December 2016
We had a marvellous time at the garden centre, every member had the opportunity to go Christmas shopping with our support at the garden centre. The beautiful sensory displays were relaxing to see and we all enjoyed a beverage and piece of cake! The real reindeer at the garden centre was amazing to see, they were so friendly! 


Shoebox Appeal
This year we were a drop off/collection point for the shoe box appeal. As well as making our own shoeboxes for different people, everyone else’s shoe boxes were delivered to us so that the shoe box appeal could collect them all at once, our garage was filled with shoe boxes! We were happy to help and want to thank everyone who donated different items for us to pack into shoe boxes. 


Pumpkin Pies: October 2016

Some of our members love baking and have made all sorts of fantastic cakes. In addition to the favourite chocolate cakes and flapjacks that are often made we added a new recipie to the collection. Pumpkin Pies!! 

Using home grown pumpkins the members were able to make delicious pies that Clifford tasted and said they were "Good!"

While they waited for the pies to cook in the oven the members got stuck in with washing and drying up the used bowls and utensils.

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Our members

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary with the Lord Mayor of Bristol

Our members are the most important part of Haven Day Centre. We're so blessed to have with us so many wonderful people from all across Bristol. ...

The brilliant thing about our members is that we can always rely on them to make us smile. We have an interesting variety of people from all walks of life, and while some of us may have mobility limitations and or learning (teaching) requirements, we can together all bring our sparkling personalities, a dazzling array of amazing abilities and skills, and our exceptional talents, we believe that we are all gifted with. ...

We know that every member of Haven Day Centre, in their own individual roles, is really an essential, significant and valued part of what we do. We're here for one another and we help each other! Our members have genuine concern for all, and we all welcome new people who might like to join us as well. Please contact us, if you are interested!

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